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Blue Swirl FADA 652 Temple Catalin Radio
Blue Swirl Catalin Radio
Premium Restorations of Catalin Radios
Original Catalin Radio
Back Panel of FADA 652 Catalin Radio
Chassis of FADA 652 Catalin Radio
Blue FADA 652
FADA 652 Blue Deep Swirling

FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin Radio- Blue Swirl

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Catalin Radio

This FADA 652 "Temple" Blue Swirl Catalin radio is a show stopper.  We just completed a "Mirror-Like" Restoration.  This type of finish is hardened and UV protective.  It resists oxidation and discoloration. 

This radio is 100% original and is free of all defects such as Cracks, Hairlines, Tube Turns, Repairs or Reproduction Parts.  It is a true purebred.

Cabinet dimensions are: 10.90" W X 6.75" H X 5.75" D. 

The correct chassis is sold as not working.  If you plan to listen to it, please consult an electronics expert first.

FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin Radio- Blue Swirl

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