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Motorola 24" Neon Advertising Sign
1930s Neon Radio Sign
Original Retail Radio Light Up Sign
Vintage neon radio sign

Motorola 24" "Home Radio" Neon Advertising Sign

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Radio Advertising Sign

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This 24" Motorola neon advertising sign is one of the most desirable light up radio signs made in 1946.  It was either hung on a shop window or was placed on a retail shelve. I was manufactures by Neon Products, Lima Ohio.

The dimension of this sign is 24" L X 12" H X 6" D.  An ideal size to fit with the proportions of your radio collection. The metal base is painted with cracked paint.  The "Home Radio glass panel is a reproduction.

The sign is in repair at the moment and is sold a working. If the buyer has specific restoration requests, this is the time to discuss them with us.

We have prepared a complete set of pictures for you to further assess this sign.  We will provide this material to serious buyers.

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Motorola 24" "Home Radio" Neon Advertising Sign

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