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Sparton 6218 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio 'Ingraham Cabinet'

Sparton 6218 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio 'Ingraham Cabinet'

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Wood Tube Radio

The Sparton 6218 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio was built in 1939 and has a 'Ingraham' cabinet.  It is a rare radio that is intriguing to many radio collectors. The one presented in this listing is in great condition and is a substantial display piece.  This is a larger size table top radio measuring 22” L X 11” H X 10” D and weighing 14 lbs.

The cabinet structure is sound with all joints tight. All of the veneer is intact. It has recently been refinished by a cabinet maker to a high standard.  The grille cloth has been replaced with a similar looking cloth.

The Selectronne 6-tube chassis has been cleaned and is sold as “Not Working”. The Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS 5” speaker has an intact original cone.  It has 2-Bands: Broadcast/SW. There are 6 station preset push buttons.  The chassis is corrosion free and is a good candidate for an electronic restoration. The power cord is cut. If you are considering this work, we urge you to consult with a vintage electronics expert to do this work for you.


Sparton 6128 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio (1939) Ingraham Cabinet.

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