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Sparton 154B Canadian "Bluebird" Cobalt Blue Radio- A Super Rarity

Sparton 154B Canadian "Bluebird" Cobalt Blue Radio- A Super Rarity

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Canadian Sparton 154B "Bluebird" Mirror Radio Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague

This “Bluebird” radio is among the ultra-rare and highly sought-after Art Deco radios of the 1930's.  It is a Canadian Sparton 154B Cobalt Blue mirror radio that was manufactured in 1936. This is the same year the US produced a Bluebird model 566.  Both models share the same size mirror measuring 14"

The Internet resource information for this radio is limited but one thing is clear, few surviving examples exist today.  Even a number of major museums do not have this model in early Art Deco radio section.

This Sparton Canadian 154B “Bluebird” we are selling has been professionally restored cosmetically.  We used era correct cobalt blue mirroring, backed in black felt and cut and beveled to exact standards. This old mirroring has wear and scratching to maintain the look of antiquity.  The cabinet was been re-stained and re-striped but we were careful no to over restore it. The original chrome has been professionally buffed and polished.  The diamond cut knobs are replacement for the original wood knobs.

The extra clean chassis is sold as "Not Working" with the power cord cut.  If you intend to listen to this radio, you are strongly advised to seek the services on a vintage electronics expert.  

The 14" Cobalt Blue Plateau-Reproduction is available at an extra cost.

Sparton Canadian 154B "Bluebird" Cobalt Blue Radio

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