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RCA Catalin Radio Victor 9TX Green Swirl- "Little Nipper"

RCA Catalin Radio Victor 9TX Green Swirl- "Little Nipper"

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RCA Catalin Radio

This is such a beautify RCA Victor 9TX green swirl Catalin radio for sale known as the "Little Nipper.  The few minor issues with the cabinet as described below.  
There are no cracks, but there are 2 (almost imperceptible) hairlines on the cabinet emanating from the back edge about 3 inches up from the base.  These hairline are in the grooves so unless you pull the chassis and inspect it with a magnifying glass, you will not see them.
There is also a slight burn mark on the top front right edge of the cabinet above the dial.  This is not a repair, but it appears to have come from an external heat source.
The power cord has been cut.  The important back panel is present.
Other than these declared issues, the pictures show a radio that displays like a perfect radio.  The advantage of this radio is you will spend hundreds less buying this model and having the same display quality.
The chassis is sold as not working. 
Consult an electronics specialist before attempting to use this radio.
The radio measures 8.5"x 5.25"x  4"

We ship domestically and internationally.
We are Catalin radio experts and will be happy to provide accurate answers to any questions.
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