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RCA RC350 Tulip Catalin Radio- Alabaster

RCA RC350 Tulip Catalin Radio- Alabaster

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Catalin Radio

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We have never done an Alabaster RCA RC350 Tulip Catalin radio restoration until this radio came along.  The Catalin cabinet was 'Cut and Polished' using our multiple stage process. The results are ultra smooth and mirror-like. The radio was presented to us without a grille cloth, so we selected one that went well with the radio's design and color.

The cabinet has lively marbleization that was enhanced during restoration. We mitigated 2 small hairlines that will require close examination to find.

To give the radio some contrast, we applied a metallic finish to the dial bezel.  The original ivory knobs we cleaned.

The chassis has been cleaned and is sold as not working with the power cord cut.  We have provided 6 pictures of the chassis to show its quality.


RCA RC350 'Tulip' Catalin Radio- Alabaster

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