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Motorola 9-R Console Radio and Phonograph

Motorola 9-R Console Radio and Phonograph

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Console Radio


This radio is what radio collectors dreams are made of. A rare Motorola 9-R console radio/phonograph in spectacular, original condition. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The round cabinet design with its original wooden round back is in a class by itself.  contemporary radio collector have steered away from console radios because of there footprint.  This console is a modest 3' 4" height and only 18" in diameter.   Every inch of the cabinet finish is original and the veneer is intact.  It is polished to a natural shine. 

Aside of the gorgeous aesthetics of this console, it has some advanced technology for this era including a 9-tube, 3-band All-Electric Phonograph Radio, Electric Phonograph has automatic stop, heavy duty motor, record-radio switch on motor board. Plays 10-in. and 12-in. records.  Has "Talking" Dial, 3-gang condenser, Tuning Eye, AVC, tone-voice control, beam power tube.

And there is more, this radio has just been electronically restored and functions as originally designed. Catalin store only sells radios as "Not Working", this radio included.

Before operating this radio, it is strongly recommended that you have an antique electronics specialist examine the 2 chassis and speak before plugging it in.

Buyer must arrange shipping arrangement, at their expense.

Motorola 9-R Console Radio and Phonograph.

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