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Motorola 50XC "Circle Grille" Catalin Radio- Oatmeal/Butterscotch

Motorola 50XC "Circle Grille" Catalin Radio- Oatmeal/Butterscotch

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Catalin Radio

The Motorola “Circle Grille” is one of the most desired line of Catalin Radios in the radio community today.  They are difficult to find, particularly in excellent condition like this fine oatmeal/butterscotch example.

We just completed a complete cosmetic restoration of this radio.  The finish is high gloss and mirror-like smooth. The dial lens has been replaced with one of our "Gold Series" Catalin radio dial lenses.

This Motorola 50XC is 100% original and complete.  The Catalin cabinet and trim are free of defects such as Cracks, Chips, Hairlines, Tube Burns, repairs and reproduction parts. The Catalin handle, knobs, speaker bezel and grille cloth are original to the radio. The cabinet measures 9.5” L X 5.75” H X 5.5” D.

The extra clean chassis is sold as “Not Working”.  If you intend to listen to the radio, do not plug it in until you consult with a vintage electronics specialist.


Motorola 50XC Circle Grille" Catalin Radio- Oatmeal/Butterscotch

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