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FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin Radio- Alabaster and Red

FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin Radio- Alabaster and Red

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Catalin Radio

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This FADA 652 "Temple" alabaster/red trimmed Catalin radio is something to behold.  Our restoration shop has done it again,   They have brought to life the alabaster color with a cosmetic restoration that involves 'Cut/Polish' right down to the Catalin's natural color. The picture shows a mirror-like finish that makes the radio glisten.

This radio is 100% original and complete. It is free of all defects such as Cracks, Hairlines, Tube Turns, Repairs or Reproduction Parts.  It is a true purebred with its original red trim.

Cabinet dimensions are: 10.90" W X 6.75" H X 5.75" D. 

The chassis is original and sold as not working.  If you plan to listen to it, please consult an electronics expert first.

FADA 652 "Temple" Catalin Radio- Alabaster with Red Trim

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