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FADA 5F60 Catalin Radio- Butterscotch

FADA 5F60 Catalin Radio- Butterscotch

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Catalin Radio

This is a beautiful, early 1930s Catalin radio.  It has a  handsome cabinet design with a contrasting Butterscotch grille. The cabinet is well proportioned with dimensions of 7.75" X 5" X 4.75". This radio will be cosmetically restored.

The condition of the radio is excellent. There are no crack, chips, hairlines, tube burns, or reproduction parts. The two right back panel screw holes will be  deburred. 

The chassis in this FADA 5F60 Catalin radio is sold as not working.  Please consult an electronics expert before attempting to plug it in.


FADA 5F60 Catalin Radio- Butterscotch Grille

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