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Emerson EP375 Catalin Radio "5+1"- Red Swirl

Emerson EP375 Catalin Radio "5+1"- Red Swirl

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Catalin Radio

This radio is highly desirable and difficult to find. A red swirl Emerson EP375 Catalin radio, red swirl is at the top of most serious radio collectors wish list.  This radio is flawless with no cracks, chips, hairlines or repairs.  It is as good as they come. 

The chassis and interior are spotless.  The chassis is sold as "Not Working" with the power cord cut. We urge you to contact a vintage electronics expert if you intend to listen to this radio.

The chassis is original to the radio and is not working.  If you intend to listen to it, consult with an electronics expert before you do.

Emerson EP375 Catalin Radio "5+1"- Green Swirl

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