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DeWald B-512 Catalin Radio/Clock- Red Swirled *Pristine Condition*

DeWald B-512 Catalin Radio/Clock- Red Swirled *Pristine Condition*

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Catalin Radio

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This radio was introduced to DeWald Radio Catalin radio line in 1938. It is one of two DeWald Catalin radio models made with a center alarm clock.  The other model is the "Harp".  

This radio is 100% originals and complete with all of its original parts.  From my research, even the knobs are original. The red swirled cabinet is free of all defects such as cracks, hairlines, tube burns, repairs or reproduction parts. 

We have just finished an extensive cosmetic restoration of this radio to bring out every swirl we could find.  There is extensive red and yellow swirling over the entire Catalin cabinet.,

The radio chassis and clock have been thoroughly cleaned. The clock appears to keep good time, but both the chassis and clock are sold as "Not Working:" If you intend to listen to this radio, please bring it to a qualified antique electronics specialist before plugging it in.

DeWald B-512 Catalin Radio and Clock- Red Swirl

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