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Stromberg-Carlson Console Radio- Custom Cabinet

Stromberg-Carlson Console Radio- Custom Cabinet

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Console Cabinet

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This console radio is absolutely stunning and in top condition with only minor signs of age and light use. It was built in the early 1930s.

I was told that the cabinet is custom built and the electronics were chosen separately, but I can not confirm this.  The number "737" is stamped on the back top edge of the cabinet, but I find nothing on the internet with that number.  No Key. The cabinet is super robust, very heavy and built like a Bentley. So it may just be custom.

The exterior dimensions of the cabinet are 47.75"H X 36"W X 18"D.  The speaker hole supports a 10" Speaker. All veneer is intact and with only minor signs of age and light use. The minor crack in the grille work has been sent out for repair. There is a full-sized back panel made of wood and screen.  This is also a quality piece. 

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Keep the current 10-tube S-C chassis (model number 22626) and 10" Piece Number 22603 Electro-Dynamic Speaker.  This chassis should not be plugged in until a vintage electronic specialist restored it so it works safely and properly.


If, in deed, the cabinet is a custom cabinet, you can choose to switch the electronics that you prefer and fit the interior dimensions of the cabinet.

Interior has 2 shelves-

Shelf 1- 

Interior chassis platform: 11" W X 13"D

Total usable space- 24"W X 16" H X 17" D


Shelf 2- 

Total useable space- 24"W X 13"H X 17" D


Local Pick-Up or Buyer can make shipping arrangements.  


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