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CLIMAX (GTV) 60 Oval Dial Tube Wood Radio

CLIMAX (GTV) 60 Oval Dial Tube Wood Radio

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Wood Radio

For sale is this highly prized 1938 Climax (GTV) 60 with a beautiful oval dial.  

This model is very hard to hard to find, especially one that is as complete as this one.  The cabinet design is unmistakably Art Deco and the radio has an exceptional display quality.

Exterior dimensions of the cabinet are 17.5” x 8.5” x 8.5”.  It has been professionally restored with the correct tone/color and finish.  The radio has all of its original veneer, grille cloth, knobs, and dial lens.  It even has its original wooden back panel that is oftentimes missing.

The chassis is sold as not working.  Do not attempt to plug this radio in before consulting with an electronics expert.

Grace your radio collection with this Climax (GTV) 60 Art Deco tube radio.

The radio will be very carefully packed, fully-insured for its sale price and shipped soon after the auction close.

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