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Addison 5 Catalin Radio 'Courthouse' Bright Red ++Spectacular Marbleizing++

Addison 5 Catalin Radio 'Courthouse' Bright Red ++Spectacular Marbleizing++

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Catalin Radio

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This listing is for an extraordinary red swirl Addison 5 Catalin radio.  There is more marbleizing on the bottom of this radio than most Catalin radios have on their entire Cabinet.   By far it is the most attractive red Addison 5 we have seen. 

The bright red cabinet is free of all defects and damage.  We have included several pictures of the interior without the chassis so you can inspect it for yourself.  You will not see any cracks, chips, hairlines, tube burns, repairs. 

This radio is 100% original and complete.  The butterscotch bars and pinwheel knobs (Trim) as well as the grille cloth are original. 

Our restoration shop just completed a high-end cosmetic restoration.  The finish is like glass and is very reflective.  To achieve this result, we use 5 grit levels of metal mesh discs.  This grinding stage consumed 14 disks.  We then use course, medium and fine abrasive compounds.  To prepare the Catalin for the final step, we use polishing compounds and finishing compounds. The final step is to buff the finish with rouge.  The entire process takes 4-5 hours.

The chassis has been cleaned and is sold as “Not Working”. Before attempting to plug the radio in, we urge you to have a vintage electronics expert restore the chassis.


This is the best Addison 5 Red Swirl you can buy!



Addison 5 Catalin Radio Courthouse, Red Swirl

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