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FADA 1000 Catalin Radio For Sale
FADA Bullet for sale
FADA 1000 Catalin Radio For Sale
Catalin Radio For Slae
Butterscotch and Red FADA 1000 for sale
All original FADA 1000 Catalin Radio Red Trim

FADA 1000 "Bullet" Catalin Radio Yellow/Red

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FADA Catalin Radio

This radio is a 100% original FADA 1000 Bullet Catalin Radio Yellow/Red. This Catalin cabinet has been polished to a high gloss without removing the original patina.

The butterscotch Catalin cabinet is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, breaks, or repairs. The bright red dial bezel, fluted knobs, handle, back panel and grille cloth are completely original.

Radio measurements: 10.25" W X 6.25" H X 5.5" D. 

This FADA has its original chassis.  The radio’s cord is cut and it is sold as not working. 

If you intend to listen to this radio, first, consult with an electronics expert

 FADA 1000 Bullet Catalin Radio Yellow/Red.

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