• Are you looking to buy a Sparton 6218 'Lobster' Radio, We have one in stock

    Sparton 6128 'Lobster' Tube Radio

    The Sparton '6218' Lobster tube radio has arrive in all of its glory. The radio is in excellent original condition. The Selectronne 6-tube chassis has Broadcast/SW Bands and 6 pre-set station push buttons.

    100% Original and Complete. $1795 
  • FADA L56 Catalin Radio- Onyx Beautiful Display Radio

    FADA L56 Catalin Radio Onyx

    Here is a highly desirable Catalin radio set up to be an affordable 'Attention Getter' for your radio collection. We just restored this beauty and added a few trim pieces to put it over the top.

    There is one hairline running 1" on the bottom of the face and 2.5 " on the bottom. You can buy this radio at a fraction of the normal price for this model.

  • Highly collectable and desirable Cyarts B in Blue

    Cyarts B Deluxe- Blue Plaxon and Lucite

    The highly-desirable Cyarts B Deluxe radio in excellent condition. The radio has no cracks, chips, hairlines, repairs or reproduction parts. This very rare radio has been cosmetically restored and ready for immediate display.

    Sorry, This Rare Cyarts B Deluxe is SOLD 
  • Absolutely Gorgeous Bendix 526C Catalin Radio in an unusual tone of Green Jade

    Bendix 526C Catalin Radio- Green Jade

    The Bendix 526C usually come in green swirl coloration. A small number of the 526C was made in Green Jade. The version of the 526C has more vibrant swirling and the coloration is gorgeous.

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Antique Radio Collection Videos

We have a new section devoted to radio collector videos you would like published on our website. If you have an existing video of your radio collection or plan to create one soon, please be in touch.

'Vintage Inspired' Power Cords and Plugs

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Original Catalin Radio Parts

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Catalin Radio "Gold Series" Dial Lenses

The Best Quality Dial Lenses Available

"Clarity, Thickness & Precision Cut"

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Catalin Radio Chassis & Internal Antennas

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'Waterslide' Catalin Radio Decals

High-Quality Decals at a Modest Price and FREE SHIPPING!

  • Catalin Radio Correct Chassis

    As you consider buying a Catalin Radio, make sure the radio has the correct chassis for the make model. Click to see our growing chassis library you can use for comparison.

    Correct Chassis 
  • Catalin Radio Buying Tips By Catalin Store

    Catalin Radio Buying Tips

    Prepared by our Catalin radio experts, this is a section of 12 helpful tips you should follow when buying a Catalin radio. These tips are most helpful to newer Catalin radio collectors.

    Buying Tips 
  • Catalin Radio Manufactures

    Here is a list of the manufacturers of these fine Catalin creations from the 1930s-1940s. Most of these companies are an important part of American history, but a few of the companies remain in name only.

    Radio Manufacturers 
  • Catalin Radio Collector Books

    Learn as much as you can about Catalin radios. It will hightened your interest in the radio hobby and make you a much better collector.

    Collector Books 

Radio Hardware

All the small things you need to correctly complete your radio.

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