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Sparton 6128 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio (1939) Ingraham Cabinet

Sparton 6128 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio (1939) Ingraham Cabinet

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Wood Tube Radio

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It is a fairly rare radio to find listed for sale. It is a Sparton 6218 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio with an Ingraham cabinet.  The one presented in this listing is in very good original condition and is quite a display piece.  This is a medium size table top radio measuring 22” L X 11” H X 10” D and weighing 14 lbs.

The cabinet structure is sound with all joints tight. All of the veneer is intact with the shoulder lighter in tone than the body of the radio.  The cabinet has its original finish.  This antiquity is 84 years old and it shows few signs of age.  The grille cloth has been replaced with a high-quality European grille cloth.

The Selectronne 6-tube chassis has been cleaned and is sold as “Not Working”.  The Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS 5” speaker has an intact original cone.  It has 2-Bands: Broadcast/SW. There are 6 station preset push buttons.  The chassis is corrosion free and is a good candidate for an electronic restoration. The power cord is cut. If you are considering this work, we urge you to consult with a vintage electronics expert to do this work for you..


Sparton 6128 ‘Lobster’ Tube Radio (1939) Ingraham Cabinet.

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