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I began my radio collecting over 20 years ago.  I was in Providence RI at a clothes store. The store owner's Grundig German radio was playing in the background and from that moment forward I was hooked on antique radios.  I bought the radio no the spot.

My early radio collecting was focused on German radios. My favorites among  them were SABA and from the Netherlands, the Philips radios. From there I transitioned to American wood and some plastic radios.  As I added new radios to my collection, I research each one in detail and learned how to sympathetically restore them, just to keep their originality to the extent possible. 

As time past, my radio patterns changed to Catalin radios.  I collected them and now I sell them through this website.  The only regret I have after all these years is not back-up my radio pictures in a separate file.  My desktop crashed and all of those radio became a thing of the past.  Recently, I have spent time combing through the Internet and have started to find these pictures on Google Images.

You will see a reference in these pictures to ''.  That was the name of our website before it became Catalin Store. 

I am very proud to show you a few of the radios from my past collection. I will add more radios that I find in the future.



I'm Interested Again!

Airite model 3010 "Desk Set" Bakelite Tube Radio

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This is an ultra-rare 1938 Airite model 3010 "Desk Set" in brown Bakelite. The cabinet is a classic statement in Art Deco design. It is fair to say that most serious antique radio collectors have never even seen this illusive model in person. Beyond its rarity, it is a highly desirable radio because of its icon art deco cabinet styling. You have surely seen this radio on the cover of a number of Bakelite radio reference sources. The Bakelite cabinet is in amazing condition with no cracks, chips, hairlines, repairs or other defects.

Air King Model 66 Ivory Plaskon Tube Radio

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This is an absolutely stunning Air King Model 66 in beautiful Ivory Plaskon. It was manufactured in 1933. Many of the Air King Skyscraper models suffered from original molding problems or hairline and cracks as they began to age. This example is one of the best by far. There are only slight molding marks and the cabinet and trim are both free of cracks and hairlines. The radio stands about 19.5" tall.

Climax "Baby Rudy" Tube Radio

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This is an ultra rare Climax “Baby Ruby” made in 1938. Although the styling of this cabinet is a big Art Deco statement, the radio is relatively small measuring only 7.7" high! Climax went all out in 1938 with the Art Deco design and made a family of radios including the Climax 60, Emerald, Ruby, Baby Ruby and Gem. We are unsure if this had a wooden or masonite back panel, but that is the only thing missing from this otherwise beautiful radio.

Climax Model 60 Tube Radio

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The cabinet of the Climax 60 personifies Art Deco design in a classic way. A rare and highly desirable model manufactured by the Climax Radio Corporation in 1938. Climax went all out that year with the extreme Art Deco look with this model 60, the “Emerald”, “Ruby” and “Gem”. Each of these models in their own right are beautiful and of course rare and very desirable. This radio is all original and complete.

Detrola "Wooden Bluebird" Tube Radio

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This is the ultra rare and highly sought after Detrola "Wooden Blue Bird" from 1937. Modeled after the 1936 Sparton "Bluebird" mirror radio, this art deco style cabinet measures just over 12" tall. This radio is in excellent original and complete condition. It even has the wooden back panel that is frequently missing from these old tube radios. Serious radio collectors have a real passion for the circular shaped radios like the Silver Circular (model 159) and the G&F Searchlight radios... but the Detrola Wooden Bluebird reigns supreme.

Emerson Model AU213 "Ingraham Cabinet" Tube Radio

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This model AU213 is a real favorite among Emerson “Ingraham” cabinet radio collectors. This Saknoffsky designed from 1938 and is a mini-tombstone measuring a mere 11.8 inches high and just under 9 inches wide. It is also known as the “Hunchback” because of the cabinet side profile. This 213 is considered a very desirable and relatively rare model and is a “must have” for an Emerson Ingraham collector. This radio is 100% original and complete right down to the rear panel which is almost always missing. As you can tell by the pictures, it is in fantastic condition.

Majestic Model 174 Tombstone Tube Radio w/ "Tune-O-Stat" Station Preset Feature

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You are looking at one of our favorite radios. This is an ultra-rare and highly desirable Majestic model 174 in all original and complete condition. Built in 1934, it was a marvel of ingenuity and certainly well ahead of its time with the radio program pre-set feature controlled by the timing mechanism on the right hand side.
It is one thing to own one of these ultra rare model 174, but we recently took delivery of a second one. The picture on the right is of both radios side by side.  The ivory one is original and in all my years, I have only seen 1 or 2 others, but not for sale.

Silver Model 159 "Circular" Tube Radio

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This is a 1937 Silver model 159 known as the "Circular". An ultra-rare radio that is also very desirable among serious antique radio collectors. It is just over 12" high and is complete, right down to the original wooden back panel. The cabinet is thin and fragile which is likely the reason so few examples of this model have survived to this day.

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I would enjoy hearing from you with your comments and questions about these radios.  It was so much fun collecting them and it would be nice to have one or two back on my self.


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