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Cyarts B Plexon and Lucite Radio- Red. **Excellent Condition**

Cyarts B Plexon and Lucite Radio- Red. **Excellent Condition**

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Cyarts B Radio Plastic Radio

An ultra-rare and uniquely designed Cyarts B Lucite and Plexon radio in red.  It is a post war radio made in 1946. Plastics technology by this time had greatly improved into the modern age of plastics.  The cabinet was not poured but fabricated.

The condition of this thin plastic radio is exceptional.  It is 100% original and complete.  The are no cracks, chips, nicks, hairlines, repairs or reproduction parts on the cabinet or trim.  The only imperfections are double-drilled chassis screw holes, an extra screw whole on the bottom and two cracks on the interior back panel screw holes.  

The 7-tube chassis is extra clean and ready for an electronic restoration.  One unusual feature on the chassis is a set of 3 night lights to make the cabinet glow when in use. The chassis on this Cyarts B plastic radio is sold as not working.  Please consult a radio technician to properly service it.

The dimensions of the radio cabinet is 14"L X 7.25" H X 6.5"D.

Cyarts B Plexon and Lucite Radio- Red

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