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Red Addison 5 Catalin Radio
Red Catalin Radio
Catalin Radio Restoration
Catalin Radio "Cut and Polish"
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Addison 5 Catalin Radio Courthouse, Red Swirl

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Catalin Radio

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This Addison 5 Red swirl radio has a magnificent color pallet with deep swirling.  It is one of the nicest we have seen.  This radio is otherwise known as the "Courthouse" which measures 12.5" X 9"H X 8" D.

We have inspected this radio carefully and there are no cracks, hairlines, tube burns or repairs. The important original grille cloth is present and will be straightened before being shipped. The Butterscotch trim is a high-quality reproduction. 

The radio has been thoroughly restored to a "Mirror-Like" Finish. It is ultra clean with a beautifully bright chassis

The chassis is correct and sold as not working. If you intend to listen to it, consult a vintage electronics expert before plugging it in.

Addison 5 Catalin Radio Courthouse, Red Swirl

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