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General Television Green Swirl Bakelite Radio
GTV Green Swirl Bakelite Radio
GTV A5A Green Swirl Bakelite Radio
Beautiful Bakelite Radio
Bakelite Radio
Green Bakelite Radio

General Television A5A Green Swirl Bakelite Radio


Bakelite Radio 

This is rare General Television green swirl radio is as desirable as it gets.  It was made in the early 1940’s and over 80 years later, collectors appreciate this radio more than ever.

This radio has a Tenite Bakelite cabinet and ivory polystyrene trim.  The cabinet is a beautiful display piece despite a repaired tube burn on top and a slight hairline on the left side.  You have to look carefully to see these 2 areas. It is cleaned and polished. The handle is off-center and that is the way it came from the factory.  If the buyer wants the handle aligned. we will take care of it in our shop. 

The radio dimensions are 8.85” X 7.5” X 5.5”. We love the shape of this radio. The chassis is sold as not working. 

Consult a vintage electronics expert before attempted to plug in this radio. General Television Green Swirl Radio.


General Television A5A Green Swirl Radio

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