Excellence In Catalin Radio Sales

We thoroughly inspect the cabinet and trim: Handle, knobs, grille works, etc... for cracks, chips, hairlines, tube burns, repairs, etc...

We confirm the Catalin trim: Handles, knobs, grille works, etc... are original and correct.

The grille cloth is inspected for originality and condition. If the cloth is a replacement, a judgement is made to keep or replace it.

To confirm originality of Catalin knobs and other trim, we inspect the back of the parts

In addition to cleaning the interior surface areas of the cabinet, we clean and degrease the chassis.

The power cord and plug are given a safety check. If they pass, the cord is wound up. If it fails, we give you a 'Vintage Inspired' cloth power cord and plug.

We confirm the chassis is correct for the make/model. Go to our 'Correct Chassis' reference center to help you identify you are buying a radio with the right chassis.

Over the years, original hardware: Screws, nuts, washers, etc... have gone missing. We replace missing hardware with correct original or same size contemporary hardware.

We perform an extensive cosmetic restoration on the radios we sell. This 5-hour process involves 18 steps. The result is a crystal clear, high-gloss finish that is as smooth as glass and ultra durable.

We replace all dial lenses with our 'Gold Collection' lenses. If the radio has a dial scale that is deteriorated or broken, we replace it.

We are professionals that know how deeply to 'cut' the cabinet to maximize the amount of swirling and background color. This is the art of a great restoration.

Our attention to detail and our professional restoration skills give the radios we sell a high display quality and an increased value.

We are Offering '19-Step' Catalin Radio Cosmetic Restorations

This extensive restoration process gives your radio a durable, UV protected, high-gloss finish. A restoration that will increase the value of your radios.