• Alabaster RCA RC350 'Tulip' Catalin Radio

    RCA RC350 'Tulip' Catalin Radio- Alabaster

    This RCA RC350 'Tulip' Catalin radio just completed a complete cosmetic restoration including a 'Cut & Polish' to its natural color, Alabaster. We could not find another one when searching the Internet.

    Prices at $1,295.95 
  • Dewald B-502 Catalin Radio/Clock Pristine Condition

    Dewald B-502 Catalin Radio/Clock Red Swirl

    This radio is 100% original and complete with all of its original parts. Absolutely pristine! From my research, even the knobs are original. The red swirled cabinet is free of all defects such as cracks, hairlines, tube burns, repairs or reproduction parts. 

    Price Reduced $1,295.00 
  • Cyarts B Plexon & Lucite Radio- Red From 1946

    Charts B Plexon & Lucite Radio- RARE

    On the heals of the FADA "Bullet" radio design success and advancements is plastics technology from WWII comes a new generation of plastic radios in 1946.

    Coming Very Soon... 
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The Best Catalin Radios Available Now

Catalin Radio Auction Sales Service

There is an upcoming Catalin radio auction in early June, 2023. It has a stunning collection of premium Catalin radios.  These radios are mostly top of the line, rare and the right colors.  We are offering a service that will represent your collector's interest in this auction. 

Please join us in the excitement of this incredible auction. Click on the button below for more information.

Auction Sales Service

Original Catalin Radio Parts

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  • Emerson 400 Patriot Grille Restoration Service

    Emerson 400 Catalin Radio Grille

    Over an 80 year span, the Emerson 400 plastic grille tend to warp or loss color. We offer a repair service that gives these grilles a new life.

    Price- $59.95 
  • FADA 711 Flocked Grille Replacement in 15 Minutes

    FADA 711 Catalin Radio Flocked Grille

    Replace that shabby grille screen on your FADA 711 with our exclusive flocked grille insert. Available in 4 colors.

    Price- $34.95 
  • Emerson AU190 Catalin Radio Grille Cloth

    If your AU190 has a torn or tattered grille cloth, we offer a similar looking pre-cut grille cloth and backboard for quick and even installation.


Catalin Radio "Gold Series" Dial Lenses

The Best Quality Dial Lenses Available

"Clarity, Thickness & Precision Cut"

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Catalin Radio Chassis & Internal Antennas

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  • Catalin Radio Correct Chassis

    As you consider buying a Catalin Radio, make sure the radio has the correct chassis for the make model. Click to see our growing chassis library you can use for comparison.

    Correct Chassis 
  • Catalin Radio Buying Tips By Catalin Store

    Catalin Radio Buying Tips

    Prepared by our Catalin radio experts, this is a section of 12 helpful tips you should follow when buying a Catalin radio. These tips are most helpful to newer Catalin radio collectors.

    Buying Tips 
  • Catalin Radio Manufactures

    Here is a list of the manufacturers of these fine Catalin creations from the 1930s-1940s. Most of these companies are an important part of American history, but a few of the companies remain in name only.

    Radio Manufacturers 
  • Catalin Radio Collector Books

    Learn as much as you can about Catalin radios. It will hightened your interest in the radio hobby and make you a much better collector.

    Collector Books 

Radio Hardware

All the small things you need to correctly complete your radio.

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Our Customers Love Our Radios


When I bought this radio from Catalin Store, is was all Butterscotch. The Catalin specialist there took it to the next leave and make it totally outstanding.-JG, NY, Radio Collector


This is such a gem of a radio. It is only one of a few remaining example. -JG, NY, Radio Collector


I had been looking for a really nice Crosley G1465 "Split Grille" Catalin Radio and found it at Catalin Store. It was just cosmetically restored and as described. -PG, PA, Catalin Radio Collector


We opened up the box and it looked fantastic. Another Masterpiece we have received from Catalin Store. Looking for my next one now.-JG, NY, Radio Collector


Gorgeous cosmetic restoration with each detail attended to correctly. The radio is just as described and packed professionally.-GH, PA, Music Enthusiast


From the moment I saw this radio on Catalin Store, I knew it was a top quality radio. I am happy I decided to buy it. A pleasurable experience.WB, ID, Radio Collector


From the moment I saw this radio on Catalin Store, I knew it was a top quality radio. I am happy I decided to buy it. A pleasurable experience.WB, ID, Radio Collector


“Got my Tom Thumb today and I couldn't be happier. The pictures didn't do the radio justice. It is beautiful in person. I appreciate you selling me this ultra-rare radio. I would have never found on my own." - PG, PA Catalin Radio Collector


"Catalin Store knew I was looking for a blue Cyarts B and they called me when one became available.  It is in incredible condition and I am pleased to have this radio in my collection. Catalin Store’s “Custom Radio Search” really worked for me, Thank you"-TT, CA Radio Collector


"On one of my recent visits to Catalin Store, I was surprised to sell they had a highly-sought after red swirl GTV 5A5 for sale.  Knowing how rare These radios are, I contacted them immediately and bought it. I will enjoy it for many years to come."- RA, TX, Radio Collector


Got the radio today...WOW...WOW that thing is fabulous!!!! What a difference when you bump up to the next level. I'm really impressed. P.G., PA, Catalin Radio Collector


I received the radio I bought through Catalin Store and I am very impressed with the effort and workmanship they put into the restoration... I am very satisfied with it and hope to buy another radio from them soon. B.C., MO, Catalin Radio Collector