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EH Scott Allwave 23 Laureate Grande Console Radio- 7 Knob Set

Spectacular Imperial Console Radio


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The cabinet is in excellent, 100% original condition.  The original 85-year old finish is remarkable. There are a few minor signs of age.

The cabinet has been sympathetically restored to maintain all of its originality.  

This console comes equipped with:

• Laureate Grande Cabinet

• Allwave 23 chassis,

• Power supply for above chassis

• Magnavox 12" Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS Speaker

• Q4 tweeters network speakers

The chassis and power supply are sold as not working. If you intend to listen to this magnificent console, consult with a vintage electronics specialist experienced with the Allwave 23 chassis.

List Price- SOLD

Manufacturing Video of the Allwave 23 Chassis

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Here is a video of the manufacturing scene at the EH Scott Radio plant in Chicago- 1936.

This video show a shop full of production works carefully assembling the latest electronics f the time.

Chassis Allwave 23

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The Allwave 23 chassis has been cleaned and re-chromed large cans have been installed.

The small cans are original to the set and there is some small bubbling on top and some on the sides.

The chassis platform has pitting but the overall appearance is good.

The Allwave 23 chassis and power supply are sold as not working.

Power Supply

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The Allwave 23 Power Supply is in beautiful condition. The chrome plating has minor light pitting in one area only, otherwise the chrome is top quality

The Allwave 23 chassis and power supply are sold as not working.


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Magnavox 12" Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS Speaker in excellent condition with original speaker cone.  Speaker cone is unblemished with no tears, repairs or stains.

Speaker Video

This video shows the true quality of this fine 12" speaker for an Allwave 23.  This is the original speaker in astonishing condition for being 85 years old.

Q4 Tweeters Speaker

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These are the network tweeters that are included with this console.  They are the prized Q4's, models 8685 and 8686.

Optional Equipment

Volume Expander

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This is a Volume Expander that was an after sale option offered by EH Scott. This is hidden from display.  The chrome is scratched like most of the Volume Expanders.

Sold Separately

Price- $695 

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