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G & F Searchlight Novelty Radio

G & F Searchlight Novelty Radio

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Novelty Radio

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The G & F Searchlight Novelty radio, despite its unusual looks is a serious collectible in today's radio market.  There is just something about this round radio that attracts so much attention.  This model was released in 1938 and was designed by Irwin Feiter. At 19" high, it is not possible for your guests not to notice this radio first.

The cabinet is in great condition, all veneer intact and has its original finish. The 3 bakelite knobs, the dial scale, and the 2 large round bakelite adjustment knobs are all original. The gold "bolts" have been retouched and the 1st 2 tiers of the base have been re-stained. 

This Searchlight radio like most round radios are fragile and tend not to survive the years unscathed.  Researching the Google images of other examples show significant structural damage when viewing the radio from the back with the wooden back panel removed.  The back panel is structurally important to the integrity of the cabinet.  If it is missing, detached for a long time, installed improperly, or missing screws, cabinet problems are almost certain. This radio has its original back panel and is installed properly with excellent results.

The 7-tube chassis is clean and the power cord is cut.  The chassis is sold as not working.  If you plan to listen to this radio, please consult an antique electronics specialist first.

This is a radio for all generations and brings smiles to all that see it.

G & F Searchlight Novelty Radio

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