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FADA L56 Catalin Radio- Red White and Blue

FADA L56 Catalin Radio- Red White and Blue

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Catalin Radio

This is a tribute to the patriotic and extremely difficult to find FADA 188.  It is a FADA L56 with the original blue Catalin grille.  This radio comes with a red handle and knobs that are original Catalin.  The Catalin finish has been "Cut and Polished" to a mirror-like gloss. The original trim (Handle and knobs) were added to the radio during its recent restoration. 

There are no cracks, chips, hairlines, repairs or reproduction parts.  The left top and side show tube burns and there are 2 extra holes on the bottom.

We have a new dial lens ordered to replace the one currently in place.  We will ship this radio with the new dial lens installed.

The chassis (L56) in this FADA 188 Tribute Catalin radio is not working.  Please consult an electronics expert before attempting to plug it in.

Call us at 508-868-4022 to discuss this radio.

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