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Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio- White

Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio- White

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Catalin Radio

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This Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio has just completed a complete cosmetic restoration.  It was "Cut and Polished" to white, the radios original color.

The radio features a blue handle, a red grille and white "Star" knobs.  This trim is 100% original. The radio has no cracks, chips, nicks, tube burns, reproduction parts or repairs. 

In the final phase of polishing, we applied a hard layer of a polishing agent. The finish is mirror-like finish and UV resistant.

The chassis on this Catalin radio is extra clean and sold as "not working".  We urge you to consult an electronics specialist before attempting to play this radio.

The radio dimensions are 11" W x 7" H x 5.5" D.

Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio Red, White and Blue

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