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Zenith 811 'Tombstone' Radio Cabinets

Zenith 811 'Tombstone' Radio Cabinets

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These cabinet and 4-knobs were built by a master cabinet maker a number of years ago with an original 811 cabinet in front of him. He was able to take precise measure all aspects of the original and follow the "old school" carpentry method. The cabinet wood is Maple and Walnut.  Essentially, it was built to the high standards that Zenith insisted on in 1935.

You can buy this fine, high-quality cabinet cabinet either unfinished or finished.  The price for each is the same.  All you need is a Zenith 807 chassis and speaker to start the competition of a recreation Zenith 811.  You can also thransition the cainet to an exterior speaker if you wish.

The dimensions of this cabinet is 17.25" H X 12" W X 8.5" D.

Zenith 811 'Tombstone' Radio Recreation

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