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Sparton 557 "Sled" Mirror Radio Chassis Only- Original

Sparton 557 "Sled" Mirror Radio Chassis Only- Original

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Mirror Radio Chassis

Offered in this listing is an original Sparton 557 Chassis Only.  If you are missing a chassis or your chassis is blown, here is a rare opportunity to replace it.

The chassis has been thoroughly cleaned.  The ivory disk behind the dial has a chip, but it is not visible once the chassis is installed. It is ready to be installed in the cabinet for display purposes (Do not attempt to plug it in) or restored by a qualified vintage electronics speciality.  The chassis is sold "As Is" and "Not Working".

Included with chassis-

  • Reproduction dial scale
  • Original dial pointer
  • Original Rectangle chassis washers
We are also offering other Sparton 557 and 558 radio parts, that too are hard-to-find.

Sparton 557  "Sled" Mirror Radio Cabinet Only- Original

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