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Emerson AU190 'Tombstone' Catalin Radio Replacement Grille Cloth

Emerson AU190 'Tombstone' Catalin Radio Replacement Grille Cloth

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Reproduction Grille Cloth

We are now offering a similar looking grille cloth for your Emerson AU190 Tombstone Catalin Radio.  The pattern is larger than the original grille cloth, but it will definitively brighten up the appearance of your AU190

Unlike most grille cloth sold, this grille cloth is sent to you pre-cut and mounted on thick cardboard backing.  To make sure the grille cloth installation is straight, there are center marks on the top and bottom that line up inside the cabinet.  You installation time is approximately 15 minutes.

Our adhesive recommendations (Not Included) are Elmer's Rubber Cement or Elmer's 'All Purpose' Glue Stick.


Reproduction Grille Cloth: Emerson AU190 'Tombstone' Catalin Radio

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