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Emerson Green "5+1" Catalin radio for sale
Emerson EP375 Catalin Radio- Green Swirl
Emerson Catalin Radio For Sale
Green Swirl Catalin Radio For Sale
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Emerson EP375 "5+1" Catalin Radio- Green Swirl

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Catalin Radio

This is an absolutely stunning green swirl Emerson EP375 "5+1".  What makes this radio particularly special is the deep swirling.  This radio is of high display quality, it will grab the attention of the visitors that come to see your radio collection.

The radio is in remarkable, original condition.  There are no cracks, chips, nicks, hairlines, tube burns, or repairs.  The brittle grille and knobs were replaced with reproductions with is often the case.

The extra clean chassis is correct and the speaker cone is intact.  This radio is sold as not working.  If you intend to play this radio, we strongly recommend that you consult an electronics specialist before attempting to plug it in. 

Emerson EP375 "5+1" Catalin Radio- Green Swirl.



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