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EH Scott Allwave 23 Volume Expander

EH Scott Allwave 23 Volume Expander

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EH Scott Allwave 23


This is an EH Scott volume expander for an Allwave 23 chassis. The expander itself is in very good condition and complete. The chrome shows signs of deterioration from years of use, however these are normally installed inconspicuously.  The cabling and connectors are present.

The need of this electronic component was to add the capacity of the Allwave 23 to meet the needs of the musical advances in the 1930s.  It became normal that a full orchestra has a range of 70 decibels or more between 45-50 decibels of volume range. Ultimately, the design of the volume expander provided for "Complete" sound reproduction for this wide range.


Source: Kent King


This Volume Expander is not restored and sold as not working.

EH Scott Allwave 23 Volume Expander


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