Restoration Project- FADA L56 Catalin Radio- Maroon/Yellow

Restoration Project- FADA L56 Catalin Radio Maroon/Yellow

Cabinet Restoration Phases

Cabinet Phase 1

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The cabinet appears to have all of its correct contours.  It has one long tight cracks that beings at the front bottom screw hole, up along the left side and ends close to the top handle.  The trim is in excellent condition 

Cabinet Phase 2

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Pre-Restoration Pictures. One Long crack from the left top edge to 80% of the bottom.  The crack is 9.5" in length, tight and not missing material.

Cabinet Phase 3

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Restore Catalin cabinet finish via "Mirror-Like Restoration.


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The chassis has been cleaned.  All dirt and grim removed.  There are signs of past electronic work.  The chassis has no corrosion.

Chassis is sold as not working.