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Restoration & Repair Services

We offer a Catalin Restoration service that will astonish you with the results.

The best way to brighten up and increase the value of your Catalin radio collection is through our Premium "Cut & Polish" process.  In addition to "Cutting" away unwanted oxidation, surface scratches and other such imperfections, the cabinet is prepared to receive its finial finish.

After years of experience and researched, we developed a technique to refine cabinet to a mirror-like finish.  This is a major step up from a high-gloss finish.

If your Catalin radio is damaged, we repair most cracks, hairlines, missing pieces, etc.  A well done repair will improvide the dispay quality of your radio and make it easier to sell down the road.




Thinking of Expanding Your Catalin Radio Collection?

We Sell Radios that will stand proud in your radio collection...

  • Choose from our in-stock radios
  • Select from our coming soon collection radios
  • Request radios of your dreams and we will locate them for you.

We listen to your collecting goals, what you are focus on buying and the colors you prefer.

If you are a new collector, we will guide you and help avoid the costly mistakes that novice collectors normally make.



Is it possible to only have 5 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe?

We all love shoes and we can't have too many, right? Well, in this issue of FashionFreaks, we have a small competition for our readers. Come up with 5 different pairs of shoes that could cover all dressing situations in life and you could be our lucky winner.

Shopping News

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The Man, the Myth, the Watchmaker

Pierre-Yves Müller, the notorious Swiss watch maker, is sitting in a minimalistic garden chair outside his house located in the heart of fairy tale Swiss Alps. FashionFreaks were lucky enough to get an interview with this mysterious precision watchmaker.

It strikes me the second I see him, this man is the real deal. Well groomed fingers with nails trimmed to perfection. These hands are his tools and they are taken care of in the same manner an auto repairman takes care of his tools.

Pierre-Yves greets us with a conservative smile, there is no room for small talk in this interview. But small talk is not necessary, we want to know everything about the man and his company, Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

FF Quick Picks


Kalman Lipstick

The new line of Kalman lipsticks are very exciting. Intense colors and a very long lasting effect. For the price, you get a lot of lipstick. The design of the lipstick looks cheap, though.


Eamonn Jeans

Eamonn have released a new line of jeans called Eamonn No. 5. If you have the right figure, you're in for a treat. The tight fit looks great, and they are very comfortable to wear. Although pricy, you won't get a much better pair of jeans.


Aaqil Silk Ties

Luxury ties from Italian makers, Aaqil. These ties are the best looking ties we have seen in a long time. Expensive, yes.. a problem, NO.


Nuna Streetwear

Kids streetwear from Nuna means color and craziness. Soft materials and wild patterns are the building block of Nuna. Durable, expensive and wild. Can't really beat that.


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