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Silvertone Rocket Radio
Silvertone 6112 Bakelite Radio
Industrial Age Design antique radio
Rare Silvertone Rocket
Bakelite Radios for sale

Silvertone 6112 "Rocket" Black Bakelite Radio


Bakelite Radio

This Silvertone 6112 in Black Bakelite is coming soon.  It is the epitome of industrial design and is a highly sought after radio.

The cabinet measures 6.5"X11.75"X6.5" and was designed in 1938 by the famous Chicago designer Clarence Karstadt.

This radio will be completely restored to a high satin finish and the results are stunning. 

The chassis is sold as not working.  If you intend to listen to it, consul a electronics expert first.

Silvertone 6112 "Rocket" Black Bakelite Radio

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