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Emerson Patriot 400 Catalin Radio
Emerson 400 Patriot Radio
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Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio White, White and Red Grille


Catalin Radio

This is a beautiful, all original, and perfect Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio White, White/Red Grille from the 1940s. This radio has no cracks, chips, nicks, tube burns, repairs, and/or reproduction parts. The grille has modest warping which is typical of this model. This 400 will stand up to the highest scrutiny from the most discerning collector.

This radio will be professionally "Cut and Polished" to its original white color.  It will have a mirror-like finish using UV resistant polishing agent.

This is a completely original Catalin radio including its original handle and "Star Knobs"

The chassis on this Catalin radio is extra clean and sold as not working.  Consult an electronics specialist before attempting to use this radio.

The radio dimensions are 11" x 7" x 5".

Emerson 400 "Patriot" Catalin Radio White, White/Red Grille 

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