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Chassis Screw 8: #8, Truss 8-32 X 1" Length (Q-8)

Chassis Screw 8: #8, Truss 8-32 X 1" Length (Q-8)

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通常価格 セール価格 $7.95
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This is your quick solution to missing chassis screws. So many antique radios are missing at least one or more chassis screws with their metal and rubber washer.  

This chassis screws includes 8: #8 X 1.0" Truss slotted machine screw, metal, and rubber washers each measuring 0.75" OD X 0.1875" ID X 1/6" thick. 

All you need in a slotted screwdriver and a WD-40 Spray can.  Spray screws with WD-40 and screw in with slotted screw driver with finger tough pressure.