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This is your opportunity to buy some of the best Catalin Radio available on the radio market today.  With your commit to buying through us, we will give you the necessary advise and support you needs to make a great selection.

Auction Sales Service



We will review each radio of interest to you and provide our opinions of important issues like rarity & desirability, potential defects, valuation and restoration possibilities.



Once you have made an informed radio(s) selection, we will provide a strategy to maximize the possibility we hold the winning bid.  Our staff will monitor the auction for the duration and make mid-term adjustments as approved prior to the auction.



If we have the winning bid for you radio(s) selections,  the radios will be shipped to Catalin Store.  We will disassemble each radio, thoroughly inspect all components,  clean interior of the cabinet and the chassis.  We will do a complete cosmetic restoration that may include a 'cut and polish' or a 'Buff and Polish'.

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