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SIGNATURE POLISH Cleaner and Polish- 16 oz Cleaner and Polish Catalin Store

SIGNATURE POLISH Cleaner and Polish- 16 oz

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Radio Restoration                                       

Signature multi-surface polish is, in our opinion, the best surface Cleaner/Polish on the market today.  Many antique dealers have found this product and keep it as a closely held secret.  We sell Signature polish in a 16 oz bottle and at a low price.  

High-Quality Results

Using this product yields high-quality results on antique wood cabinets, metal, tenet, plaskon, and other pre-modern plastic trim.  We use this product on a daily basis, it is easy to apply and the results are truly amazing.  It cleans, nourishes, polishes, and protects wood radio cabinets.  The results will make you a loyal buyer of this product.  

Try Signature Cleaner/Polish Before You Refinish Your Wood Radio

Antique wood radios are always preferred with their original finish.  Before considering refinishing your wood radios, try this product first.  It will deeply clean the wood surface right into the grain.  As a test clean an original finish wood cabinet as you typically do, then clean the cabinet with Signature cleaner/polish.  You will not believe how good the cabinet will look and your applicator wipe will be full of dirt and grime.

Signature Polish Offers

Simplifies cleaning
Cleans without soap or water
Polishes to a beautiful shine
Transparent in cracks & crevices
Formulated to be non-oily & non-flammable
Contains no offensive smell or toxic propellants
Contains no wax, silicones, acids, abrasives, or artificial dryers
Protects by forming a surface barrier against dirt

SIGNATURE POLISH Best Cleaner/Polish

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