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Emerson BT245 Catalin Radio- Green Swirl

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Catalin Radio

This is a stunningly beautiful Emerson BT245 Catalin Radio "Tombstone". The Catalin cabinet has recently been professionally restored to a mirror-like finish. 

The radio dimensions are 10.0" H X 7.0" W X 5.0 " D.

The louvered grille and 3 knobs are original. The chassis is not working but is also original to the radio.

The cabinet is free of defects, except for a repaired hairline on the top of the radio.  This model/color typically sells for around $3-3,500.  The price we established for this radio takes into consideration this repair.

If you intend to listen to this radio, first, consult with an electronics expert.


Emerson BT245 Catalin Radio- Green Swirl

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