Collezione: Cyarts B 24 Radio Kit and Parts

Cyarts B 24 Plastics, Inc.

We are proud to announce that has put life back into a small plastics company that once operated in Bronx, NY by the name of Cyarts Plastics, Inc.  The name of the new company is Cyarts B 24 Plastic, Inc. owned by Catalin Store.  Our new product line includes Cyarts B 24 radio kits and replacement parts for your vintage Cyarts B Deluxe radio.

  1. Cyarts B 24 'Build-Your-Own Radios
  2. Cyarts B 24 Cabinets
  3. Cyarts B 24 Dial Bezels
  4. Cyarts B 24 Dial Scales*
  5. Cyarts B 24 Bottom Rails
  6. Cyarts B 24 Set Screw Knobs
  7. Cyarts B 24 Back Panels
  8. Cyarts B 24 Chassis Kit*

* Kit or Part Not Yet Available

Each radio kit and part are made with the same materials, fabrication methods and craftsmanship of the original Cyarts B Deluxe radios.

You can now 'Build-Your-Own' Cyarts B 24 radio or buy individual parts to replace damaged or missing parts on your original  Cyarts B.