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Red Philco 49-501 Bakelite Radio For Sale
Red Bakelite Radio For Sale
Mid-Century Interior Design
Philco 49-501 in excellent condition

Philco 49-501 Boomerang Bakelite Radio- Red

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Bakelite Radio

This is a beautifully styled radio that will make a display statement in your home or office. The 49-501 is way ahead of its time.  The red painted Bakelite is the perfect color for the cabinet

The flawless cabinet has received a recent re-painting.  There are no cracks, hairlines, tube burns, reproduction parts or repairs.  

The radio has its original chassis that is sold as not working.  If you would like to listen to it (iPhone interface available), consult with one of the any qualified electronics expert.

Philco 49-501 Boomerang Bakelite Radio- Red

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