Restoration Project- Sparton 500C Cloisonné Radio- Blue

Restoration Project- Sparton 500C Cloisonné Radio- Blue

Disassembly and Inspection Phase


The radio has been completely disassembled and the cabinet is in 5 separate pieces.   The right rear bottom corner is missing.

The cabinet has 13 holes that are not original to the original design. Of the 13 holes, 4 are on top.  These are 2 sets of handle screw hole. The model did not come originally with a handle.

The 2 chassis screw holes have been elongated.

The cabinet has been "tacked Assembled" and most of it has the proper contour.


The chassis is in excellent original condition with not signs of past electronic restorations.

We cleaned it to get a better view of the chassis surfaces.  There is no corrosion or other derogatory found.

If you intend to listen to this radio, consult an electronics specialist in vintage electronics.

Grille Cloth

The grille cloth for the Sparton 500C came from the factory in a color matching the faceplate.  You can see the hint of this color on the edges.

This grille cloth is completely discolored by UV damage and dust/dirt.   We would like to send this grille cloth out to be reproduced as original.


The blue faceplate is in better condition than the other cosmetic aspects of the radio. The chrome "Railing" throughout the faceplate is very good. The trouble spot on this plate is the horizontal "scratches" above the speaker opening. It is unlikely this area can be restored to remove this defect. 

The last picture in this Section shows significant warping in the faceplate.