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Radio Intake Log- Tom Thumb 933 DECO Catalin Radio- Nile Green

Radio Intake Phases

Cabinet Phase 1

Post Restoration

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We picked up this radio in person in Connecticut.  It arrived safe and sound in our shop. 

The radio was disassembled, the cabinet soaked in near hot water/detergent, chassis vacuumed and polished, cabinet interior cleaned. cabinet exterior "cut/polished" by hand to a mirror-like finish, dial lens polished and radio re-assembled.

Cabinet Phase 2

Hairline Repair

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During the restoration process, a hairline was found along the left side of the cabinet at the top of the bottom groove. The hairline was repaired and is invisible, except for small dark spot on rear right bottom edge  of the cabinet.


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The chassis has been cleaned.  All dirt and grim removed.  There are signs of past electronic work.  The chassis has no corrosion.

Chassis is sold as not working. 

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