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Bendix 526MC Catalin Radio- Green Swirl "Spectacular"

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Catalin Radio 

What is the difference between a Bendix 526 "C" and a "MC". The "C" chassis used full sized tubes and the "MC" uses miniature tubes. 

This is a Bendix 526MC Catalin radio in deeply swirled green.  It is in perfect condition and 100% original.   It has no defects such as Cracks, Hairlines, Chips, Tube Burns and reproduction parts.  The high-gloss finish is professionally done making this Catalin radio an excellent display piece.

Radio measurements: 11.25" W X 7.25" H X 6.31" D.

The chassis on this Catalin radio is original to the set and is sold as not working. If you intend to play this radio, please consult with an electronics expert.

Bendix 526C Catalin Radio- Green Swirl

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