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FADA 652 Catalin Radio Parts Kit

Detail of Parts Included

 Catalin Cabinet

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The left side of the cabinet has a large amount of Catalin material.  Otherwise the cabinet is in great condition.


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The chassis is in excellent and complete cosmetic condition.   Power cord is cut.

Chassis is sold as not working. 

Catalin Trim, Dial Scale,Grille Cloth, Chassis Screws and Back Panel

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This kit includes all necessary parts to complete this radio except 2 butterscotch knobs.  Kit includes:

1 Original Catalin Dial Bezel

2 Reproduction Glass Dial Scale

3 Grille Cloth Replacement

4 Chassis Screws

5 Original Back Panel

FADA 652 Past Restore Results

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This radio sold in 5 minutes and because of its superior display quality was view 130 time and we received 15 direct inquires about the availability of other examples of this radio.

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