Colección: Catalin Radio Internal AM Antennas

Interior Antenna

A majority of Catalin radio collectors do not play their radios.  They are concerned about tube heat build up that may likely cause damage to the cabinets of their expensive collectibles.  These collectors believe Catalin radios are for display purposed only.

Among the Catalin collectors, however, there are those that are experienced and expert electronic.  These collectors take the time to electronically restore each Catalin radio they add to their collection.

Over the years, many Catalin radios have lost their back panels for one reason or the next. Unfortunately, with the back panels, so goes the internal AM antenna that are attached to the inside of the back panels.

This Section helps those needing the correct antenna for a given make/model they are restoring.  Please keep viewing this section to see if the antenna you needs becomes available.