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FADA 711 Catalin Radio-Gold Series Dial Lens

FADA 711 Catalin Radio-Gold Series Dial Lens

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Dial Lens

Within the last year, we have revolutionized the Catalin radio replacement dial lens.  In the past, the only dial lenses available we made of inferior materials, imprecise molds and when installed, never really fit well.  We have changed all of that with our newly developed “Golden Series” dial lenses.

When you receive your first Golden Dial lens, you will feel and see the difference immediately.  They are made of crystal clear, heavier weight thermal plastic. The design is enhanced so the contour relief is deeper.  When you place the lens in the radio dial opening, it fits perfectly.

When you consider the percentage of display area of the average dial lens, buying a superior grade dial lens makes complete sense.

Gold Series Catalin Radio Dial Lens.

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