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EH Scott Allwave 23 Imperial Laureate Grande Console Radio

EH Scott Allwave 23 Imperial Laureate Grande Console Radio- 7 Knob Set

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EH Scott Console Radio

 We are offering this magnificent and extremely desirable Imperial console radio, 7- Knob set from EH Scott.  This Laureate Grande comes with its original, all chrome chassis and power amplifier and a set of network Q4 tweeters.  This console is among the favorite consoles of Scott enthusiasts.

The Allwave 23 chassis specifications-

  • Number of Tubes- 23
  • Valves / Tubes- 6D6 6A7 6B7 76 NE42 NE42 39/44 39/44 39/44 6D6 76 76 76 76 6C6 6C6 6C6 2A3 2A3 2A3 2A3 83-V 5Z3
  • Main principle- Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 465 kHz
  • Wave bands- Broadcast plus more than 3 Short Wave bands.
  • Details- Visual Tuning Indicator pre-Eye
  • Power type and voltage- Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 Volt

The consoles dimensions are: 47" H X 31" W X 17" D, with a weight 125 lbs.

The chassis is sold as “Not Working”.  If you intend to play this radio, consult with a vintage electronics expert before plugging it in.

EH Scott Allwave 23 Laureate Grande Console Radio

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