Restoration Project- Sentinel 284 "Wavy Grille" Catalin Radio

Restoration Project- Sentinel 284 Butterscotch Catalin Radio

Cabinet Restoration Phases

Cabinet Phase 1

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As pictured by the customer.  There is an obvious missing piece of Catalin on the left rear bottom corner.  The butterscotch oxidation is blotchy and uneven.

Pre-Restoration Pictures

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These are pictures taken just prior to the restoration starting.  

The next stage is to remove the broken glass dial, knobs and grille work. This is complete.

The following step is to remove the chassis.  This particular model has a cabinet that tends to shrink around the metal chassis, making removal difficult. With this particular model, after almost 2 hours of work, we have only moved the chassis 1/4".  The unskilled person that last assembled this radio, incorrectly anchored the chassis with extra screws a masonite board and most likely super-glue.

Our future efforts to remove the chassis will require we tape on the from control stems  to generate enough torque to force the chassis out.  If damage occurs during this aspect of the project, customer hold Catalin Store harmless against any damage claim.

The damage on the left rear bottom corner of the radio is more extensive that original thought.  You will see a 3"+ hairline emanating from the chip and slopping towards the bottom (See picture #3).   

Cabinet Phase 3

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